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Analytica Data Company (ADC) is a pure-play analytics company. We utilize advanced analytics techniques and business insight to help guide informed decision making, bring efficiencies to processes, and ultimately solve significant organizational challenges.  Said in human terms, we help organizations uncover why events are occurring and how to make the right adjustments moving forward ~ we help people develop strategies and tactics utilizing data.

We help partner with you to build, refine or outsource your analytics center of excellence, generating insights and solutions from your data to solve business challenges, make strategic recommendations and implement new processes that help you succeed.

Today’s organizations need approaches to decision-making that are both faster and smarter than ever before. Faster, because business users can no longer afford to wait days or weeks to get questions answered by overloaded technical analysts. And more intelligent, because it’s no longer sufficient to only report what happened in the past.

We are young and have high ambitions.  Together, ADC founders Chris Armstrong and Kam Zardouzian offer expertise in Internet, technology, media, consumer goods, information systems, network management and cybersecurity across private and military sectors.  Kam has worked with ten prior startups as well as Fortune 10 organizations.  As a former Captain in the US Marine Corps, Chris specializes in systems integration, network management, and cyber security along with data analytics. We are diverse in our interests and expertise, focused on solving business challenges through proven data analytics methodologies.

ADC is headquartered in Encinitas, California and is founded by alumni of Rady School of Management’s Master of Science of Business Analytics program at the University of California in San Diego. We are fortunate to be advised by the founding faculty of the Rady Center for Business Analytics at the University of California San Diego.

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We provide objective insight to balance your intuitive sense, helping you make the most accurate business decisions quickly and efficiently.

We design scalable, sustainable and secure infrastructure to make analysis and data processing efficient without compromising accessibility.

We address the unique needs of every business by developing custom systems to process your data efficiently and by feeding the results into interactive web applications that uncover previously hidden business insights and trends.

Examples of where our services apply include the following:

  • Marketing
    • Customer acquisition costs
    • Customer Life Time Value (LTV)
    • Social media metrics
    • Reach, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) analytics
    • Campaign ROI
    • Media buy & placement strategies
    • Brand capital value
  • Retail
    • Demand forecasting
    • Inventory optimization
    • Reward program analytics
    • Online shopping cart integration (Instacart & others)
  • Network & Cyber Security
    • Security planning
    • Breach planning
    • Network maintenance
  • IoT
    • Efficient maintenance scheduling
    • Usage analytics

Want to get started?  Take a quick look at the steps in our process.