Data Preparation (Janitorial!) Services

Data Integrity & Augmentation ~ aka Data Janitorial Services

Quality data leads to quality decisions. Reality is most data needs a healthy dose of preparation before it can be utilized for analytics — we call this data janitorial services.  The more time spent cleaning and preparing data, the costlier your project will be.

A great way to gauge the health, depth, and breadth of your data is through a Data Quality Report (DQR).   The DQR provides industry standard statistical summary of your data, what’s good, and what needs work to prepare it to serve our objectives.  Take a moment and fill out the form below to access a sample DQR we did for a project that analyzed the 2016 City of New York property tax records.

Augmenting your data with external sources is often possible to increase the accuracy of our strategic recommendations.  The deliverable at this stage is a comprehensive Data Quality Report.

  • Data wrangling
  • Basic data structuring
  • Data cleaning
  • Data dictionaries
  • Data augmentation