Roots Matter

We help informed decision making through data science.

Analytica Data Company (ADC) was founded out of the inaugural Masters of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program at the Rady School of Management at University of California San Diego by former classmates Kam Zardouzian and Chris Armstrong.  While waiting for a class in customer analytics, Chris and Kam agreed that the application of their skills in data science within different industries would be the most pragmatic approach to deciding what to do with their highly sought after skills post graduation. 

Fast forward a few weeks to an opportune meeting between Kam and Shaney Jo Darden, founder of the Keep a Breast Foundation (KAB), during which the two agreed to give Kam access to KAB’s Check Yourself cellphone application data that contained over five years of usage across 12 different countries.  ADC was launched from the descriptive analysis of KAB’s data by Kam and fellow student interns Ajay Vaddiparti and John Tsai from the same MSBA program.

Today, ADC utilizes advanced data analytics to help people make strategic decisions within progressive organizations across a number of industries including:

  • Retail
    • Demand forecasting
    • Inventory optimization
    • Reward program analytics
  • Marketing
    • Social media metrics
    • Reach, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) analytics
    • Campaign ROI
    • Media buy & placement strategies
    • Brand capital value
  • Network & Cyber Security
    • Security planning
    • Breach planning
    • Network maintenance
  • IoT
    • Efficient maintenance scheduling
    • Usage analytics

ADC is committed to  the San Diego community and supporting our local academic institutions.

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