Analytica Data Company, CSCI join forces to provide analytics-driven cyber security services for progressive organizations.

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Kam Zardouzian
Analytica Data Company


Analytica Data Company, CSCI join forces to provide analytics-driven cyber security services for progressive organizations.

San Diego, California – December 1, 2017 – Analytica Data Company (ADC) and CSCI form a strategic partnership to leverage advanced data analytics and machine learning threat intelligence capabilities to develop, integrate and bring to market enhanced defense solutions to help clients better detect, investigate and mitigate cyber threats.

“Organizations are continually challenged in justifying huge cybersecurity investments that are falling short in protecting against unauthorized breaches let alone maximizing their returns,” said Rich Tear, CEO of CSCI. “CSCI’s collaboration with ADC brings together our IT security, managed services and NIST/HIPPA compliance expertise with ADC’s advanced data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to address today’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges.  Together, we will provide best in class services to help clients more effectively manage and guard against the full spectrum of cybersecurity threats.”

“Depending on which report you read, the average cost of cybersecurity breaches in the US alone has ranged between $4 million to over $12 million per affected organization.” said Kam Zardouzian, CEO of ADC. “Our collaboration with CSCI allows us to further develop the accuracy of our analytics and offer organizations efficient safeguards against threats and minimize damage against a growing deluge of sophisticated breaches.”

The joint offering will address threat intelligence across the following areas leveraging advanced data analytics support developed by ADC:

  • Managed Security Operations: enhancing existing CSCI managed security services with integration of the latest partner products and services to monitor, detect and quickly respond to security breaches – targeted for on-premises, cloud and hybrid systems.
  • Incident Response Support: a collaborative teaming approach leveraging tools and integrated processes to help clients return business operations back to normal after a security breach.
  • Compliance Management: application of security controls in information systems, typically for the purpose of developing and implementing procedures for correcting observed deficiencies in those controls.

About CSCI, Inc.:
Founded in 1985, CSCI is a San Diego-based single-source, managed systems integrator specializing in IT and network integration, cloud-based solutions, cybersecurity, and NIST/HIPPA compliance protocols for small and medium-sized businesses.

About Analytica Data Company:
Analytica Data Company (ADC) is a startup based in Encinitas, California and founded by alumni of Rady School of Management’s inaugural Master of Science of Business Analytics program at the University of California in San Diego.  ADC utilizes advanced Big Data analytics to help guide informed decision-making, bring efficiencies to business processes, and ultimately solve big organizational challenges. ADC offers data analytics expertise to solve business challenges in Internet, technology, mobile, healthcare, media, consumer goods, information systems, cyber security, and retail sectors.

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