Data Quality Report Helps When Data Potential Gets Lost in Translation

Nine in ten marketers say data is their most underutilized asset.[1] Why aren’t they deriving more value from the terabytes of information they collect? Well, mainly because that data isn’t immediately usable. Information compiled from varied sources — like websites, emails, sales, third-party vendors,  and even offline channels — tends to be siloed and structured in different formats.[2] Even when one department within a firm gets relevant data into a format it can understand, the resulting intel is still largely unintelligible to other teams and departments. If all that data were translated into a single language — one that is equally useful and informative to sales representatives, IT departments, social-media marketers, and customer service reps — companies could offer customers more compelling, personalized experiences in real-time.

For this reason, we develop a Data Quality Report to gauge the health, depth and breadth of our client’s data after we have clarified their business objectives.

Source: Adobe PartnershipVoice: When Big Data’s Marketing Potential Gets Lost in Translation

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