Step 1: Challenge Definition

What are your organizational challenges?  Defining and prioritizing what challenges your organization faces is the first critical step to ensure success.  We’ll work closely to develop a problem statement before orchestrating the necessary strategies to transform your challenges into opportunities.

Our first consult will help us hone in on your challengse ~ just pay for our travel and expensive coffee habit and we’ll meet you anywhere in the world, especially if there’s an opportunity to surf or train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Step 2: Data Integrity & Augmentation

Quality data leads to quality decisions.  Once we agree to proceed, we will take a close look at the health, depth and breadth of your data to determine the scope of work needed.  A Data Quality Report (DQR) is the deliverable on this stage ~ it provides industry standard statistical summary of your data, what’s good, and what needs work to prepare it to serve our objectives.  Take a moment to review a sample DQR we completed on  uncovering potential fraudulent cases for the 2016 City of New York property tax records.

Augmenting your data with external sources is often possible to increase the accuracy of our work.  The deliverable at this stage is a comprehensive Data Quality Report.

  • Data wrangling ~ high level evaluation of depth, breadth, and health of your data
  • Basic data structuring ~ detailed statistical summaries of your variables including missing values
  • Data cleaning ~ an estimate of Data Janitorial Services needed to improve the readiness of your data to ensure success of your project
  • Data dictionaries ~ definitions and labels of your data
  • Data augmentation ~ proposed steps to fill in the gaps in your data and/or augment it with outside databases such as US Census, household, weather, traffic, etc.

Step 3: Strategic Approach

Now that we have a clear idea of your business need and the health of your data, we can accurately bid on the estimated time and costs associated with your project.

Developing strategies to address your business challenges using data analytics is developed at this stage using a path of least resistance approach. At this stage charting appropriate primary and contingency roadmaps are developed to get to solutions in the least amount of time and expense.

Step 4: Agile Development

Utilizing the agile development model, we leverage fast, feedback-driven iterative processes to implement analytics models to test for accurate, efficient solutions to address the business challenges defined in the first actual step of utilizing advanced analytics on your project.

Step 5: Analytics > Understanding > Adoption

The most sophisticated analytics need to be made into stories people can relate to and at this stage we interpret sophisticated analytics models into implement-ready actionable strategies. You’ll be armed with all the information you need to recommend strategic decision to your team and make actionable decisions with confidence.

Adoption of strategic decisions must be embraced by company culture.  Through objective analysis, backed by data, will enable you to make a case for the recommended decisions.

Step 6: Feedback > Future Iterations

We will continue to serve as your partner to provide objective, data-driven decision strategies to ensure your leadership position within the market.  Leverage us to outpace your competition and remain competitive in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

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